DIY - Do It Yourself Bride & Grooms

DIY Clients appreciate our Trailer Drop Off and Pick Up Service. This service allows you to rent the desired items you need for your event and have them delivered to your site location for ease in decorating for your special event.

  • We deliver the trailer with all of the items on your event list.
  • You unload your items, decorate and reload in the storage trailer after your event.
  • We return to pick up the trailer.
  • Call or email for details!
Example of Fees:
  • 6' x 12 or 7.5' x 14' Trailer - Drop Fee - $50.00 Pick Up Fee - $50.00
  • 8.5' x 22' Trailer - Drop Fee - $75.00 Pick Up Fee - $75.00
  • Mileage from Showroom to event location $.58 cents per mile per trailer.
  • Mileage from event location to Showroom $.58 cents per mile per trailer.

Phone: 701-200-1236
Email: sharperimageevents@gmail.com